Are you a successful entrepreneur who is struggling
with persistent health challenges or recent health setbacks?


Are you experiencing a power struggle between wanting to be
radiant, visible, and accessible

to your clients, friends, and family

while you feel continually challenged by
fatigue, insomnia, headache, or pain in general?


Do you feel as though you are in a constant state of “catch-up” or recovery?

Hi, I’m Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, LAc, Dipl Ac, and I can help you with that!

Three years ago, I was dealing with 3 consecutive, severe injuries:
two auto accidents and a run-in with a surfer while swimming in the Pacific, my beloved front yard.

I felt many different kinds of pain, some were unbelievably excruciating.

If you are suffering from extreme pain, fatigue, loss of sleep, troubling lack of mental clarity, or more, then I understand your internal feelings.


The great news that I want to share with you is there is a way
to the visible radiance you desire, and I can show you
that way.


If you truly desire to have the support you need to get out of sinking, struggling, and failing,
regardless of the amount of pain you live with,
I can be that support.

You have so much to need support for and also so much room for winning.


Visible radiance is the goal and it is totally achievable with natural solutions.

Why work with me?


Lack of energy leaves you tired and unable to perform at the level necessary for the success you desire in your business and personal life.


Depression sets in when you are unable to fulfill your obligations and deadlines become looming roadblocks that you know you will not be able to overcome.

When you are not able to fulfill these obligations, “survival stress” sets in and creates immense anxiety about the future – a biochemical flood of stress and crashing systems.

Eventually, you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, knowing you are not rested enough to deal with the challenges that await you both at home and at work.


When you look in the mirror, you look like a shell of yourself – exhausted, old, and tired – it becomes impossible to recreate the radiance and beauty you know has always been within yourself, that was your trademark.


Chronic pain zaps all of your mental and emotional energy like the stopper came out of the bottom of the bathtub. You feel mentally and emotionally depleted.

Headaches prevent you from thinking at your highest level. Your mental sharpness is eradicated and replaced by a ‘brain fog’ that you can’t see through, or past.


I can help you remove the blocks to your energy, increase your strength, flexibility and endurance while reclaiming your health, beauty, and full radiance.

What will Radiant & Timeless look like?


You will feel, maybe for the very first time, your optimum energy levels.

You will regain your ability to put in the hours your career requires while recapturing the energy to hop on a plane and travel.

Your creativity will explode.

Your renewed energy and the elimination of pain in your life will cause your life to expand again so that you can enjoy success in all areas.

Your skin will become lustrous.

You will blossom in your yoga, pilates, hiking, and other exercise regime of choice.

Your body will burst with energy.

You will be magnetic and your message will carry an impact.

Why I am the Perfect Person for You


Three years ago, I was rear ended while sitting at a stoplight. I contracted a terrible sprain in my shoulder and ankle as well as experiencing severe whiplash in my neck and lower back.


Six months later, (before I was recovered) I was swimming in the ocean, as I often love to do. I dove into a wave and woke up in an ambulance with blood gushing out of the side of my head. A surfer had hit the right side of my head with the point of his surfboard, right at the ear, wreaking havoc on the temporal bone and vestibular reflex.

I had been unconscious in the ocean for a full 20 minutes. After being taken to the hospital, I had plastic surgery in the ER. It was a very serious concussion, leaving me with migraines that were beyond excruciating. They lasted for at least 6 months, continually feeling as though a nail was being driven into the side of my head. These migraines made me unable to think in the analytical, “braniac” line of reasoning that had always been my normal.

I had also been a professional dancer for many years. I was extremely comfortable with understanding where my body was in space. The vertigo I experienced completely demolished this sense of space and my own body movements. I felt dizzy all of the time and this dizziness was accompanied by blurry vision, which compounded my inability to move around as I once had, even within my own home.

My audiologist told me that he had never seen head trauma like what I was exhibiting – except in war veterans, or those recently returning from Afghanistan, most of whom had been hit by shrapnel.

I couldn’t think at all, I had memory loss that was completely debilitating.

Almost a year after my first car accident, I was again rear ended at a stoplight. All of my auto accident symptoms were back in full force. Any recovery I had done was entirely nullified.

My own panic about survival was in full-fledged emergency mode. My savings was running out. I felt alone. I didn’t have the support system often enjoyed by other women my age. I was facing spending my retirement savings on rent and food. My own career was gone due to losing my private medical practice during my recovery – simultaneously the economics of health care was shifting away from high dollar private practice acupuncture and homeopathic medicine, which was how I had made my living.

Within the span of 11 months, I had experienced 3 major accidents.

Before Healing


Photo taken after first car accident and concussion

Because of my years as a professional dancer and later a TV personality, I was accustomed to being in the spotlight and my looks were very important. I was determined to regain the beauty that I had always enjoyed previously but also to surpass it. Unlike most people, I vowed to look better with each passing year.

That is what led me to develop a customized system toward visible radiance for you. I wanted to retain the standards I had enjoyed and cherished my entire life and to share them with others.

One year of recovery

Photo taken after discovering and implementing the Radiant & Timeless system

Once I had healed myself, it seemed an appropriate time for me to become a mentor, and coach. I have so much knowledge and personal experience as well as years in private practice in dealing with clients.

It is my time to share it with the world.

Over 3 decades of studying natural and alternative medicines and therapies provides a solid foundation for my life experience.

My Credentials, Education, and Training.


I know from the inside out what I am talking about and will provide you with:


– efficient and speedy recovery from recent/persistent health challenges

– visible radiance and vitality

– a timeless beauty with seemingly ageless health

– peace and well-being beyond compare

– seamless transition to success



Included in the purchase of any of the packages is an intake packet with my book:

Radiant Health & Timeless Beauty

Three Hour Intensive
In Santa Monica or on Skype. 3 hour intensive with custom plan. Assessing a baseline of overall health & structure and creating a plan to be implemented.

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Ten Weekly Sessions

Ten 45 minute sessions on phone or Skype. For supporting your ongoing health goals & desired outcomes efficiently and effectively, achieving everything you’ve ever wanted for your body.

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VIP LUXE – Signature Package

With this package you will receive a 3 hour intensive in Santa Monica or on Skype in order to assess your health baseline & structure and to create a plan. Followed by ten weeks of 45 minute coaching sessions on Skype or phone with ‘action items’ homework and accountability. Two hour intensive for completion and a life plan.

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