Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, LAc

Radiant & Timeless provides natural health solutions that Dr. Pamela Maloney perfected over the course of a half-century spent in research, teaching, Natural Medicine practice, and lifestyle coaching. Dr. Maloney assists high-profile women to achieve sustainable and visible radiance while thriving in business and/or healing from health challenges.

“I have spent my entire life dedicated to academic research, private practice, and personal exploration in order to identify the highest quality and most sophisticated forms of Natural Medicine and Health Care. I have found that the energetic systems of the body must flow freely to experience vitality and joy in one’s life. To accomplish this, obstructions from substances (toxins), structures (physical pain), and environments (furniture, tools, etc.) must be balanced. I combine the use of nutritive, natural products, therapies that regenerate and revitalize the body’s energetic systems, and a God-given talent for sensing the appropriate diagnosis and treatment modalities, with a commitment to continuously attaining the knowledge I need to provide an optimal state of health and vitality for my patients and myself.” – Dr. Pamela Maloney

Dr. Maloney specializes in regenerative and beautifying Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Homeopathic Medicine, Ergonomics, and Traditional Naturopathy. Her clients include A-list celebrities and notables in a variety of industries. She is the author of “Radiant Health & Timeless Beauty” and has published several articles on the benefits of natural medicine and alternative healthcare. She has been featured in several health and lifestyle “magazines, including Self and Los Angelesf, and also provides a popular lecture series for the public. Dedicated to teaching others how to achieve radiant health by providing anti-aging, structural integration, and holistic education, she launched a series of online courses geared toward providing the general public, as well as students, with helpful techniques and information replete with instructional videos, diagrams and visuals. “The Pamela Maloney Show” was featured on Los Angeles public access television for 8 years. With her engaging and dynamic style, Dr. Maloney is a featured guest speaker for several organizations, including the Santa Monica YMCA, American Association of University Women, Santa Monica Cooportunity Health, and various spiritual organizations.

Dr. Maloney lives by the philosophy that anyone can achieve everlasting health and beauty utilizing the treasures of Mother Nature and incorporating healthy body movement and holistic techniques into lifestyle. She is eternally honored to be a part of her patients’ process toward perfect health!

I’ve worked with all kinds of healers and health practitioners all over the world, and your technique is different. You are the best at what you do.

Donna Karan, fashion designer

Dr. Pam Maloney would be a terrific asset if she only had one of two skills—a thorough knowledge of the human body or an intuitive sense of how to help with pain. Instead, she combines them both and is thus an incredible resource for healing and health. I began to utilize her skills when I was dealing with back pain and now see her regularly because she senses problems before they occur. I recommend her without reservation.

Bill Mechanic, film producer

Your touch is masterful!

Paul Anka, singer/songwriter

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