I’ve worked with all kinds of healers and health practitioners all over the world, and your technique is different. You are the best at what you do.

Donna Karan

Fashion designer

Dr. Pamela Maloney is unique in bringing so many different disciplines to her practice. Her intuitive understanding of the mind-body-emotional-spiritual connection always translates into an experience of incredible well-being. I leave her office with renewed energy and vigor and with a sense that I am whole, integrated, and ready to face the world refreshed. This really is the way I feel, and it always lasts.

Anita Joy

Entertainment Industry Executive

I both enjoyed and profited by my workshop with you. You have a lovely, sustained way of teaching that is well-structured but allows for flowing with what is present in the group within that structure.

Carolyn Grant Fay

MA, DTR, President of the Board of Trustees at CGJung Educational Center

Ms. Maloney is a highly independent, persistant, bright adult learner with long-term goals. She has been successful both in the University and in the wider world of work. She is responsible and innovative. Ms. Maloney has high educational goals and standards which are on-going, integrative and unusually broad.

Kelyn Roberts

Academic Dean at 
Pacific Western University

I was a principal dancer with The Joffrey Ballet and all throughout my career Pam treated me: handling injuries, illnesses, nagging problems… always getting me onstage in the best shape. Retiring from a highly physical career, I thought I would no longer need such care.  In the end, as the years pile on, I find that I need it almost more, to keep moving  and looking as young as I feel in spirit. Pam is also wonderful at treating the whole person — mind, body, spirit — always paying attention to what the client needs in all three areas, without being intrusive in any way. She’s the Rolls Royce of natural medicine practitioners.

Carole Valleskey

Former Principal Dancer with The Joffrey Ballet

Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, LAc is a close personal friend of mine, and a truly fantastic transformational wellness coach and healer. Her expertise comes from more than 30 years in private practice and teaching as a college professor. She has worked with professionals all over the world to provide practical, simple solutions to health, beauty, vitality and productivity issues. She recently recovered from two auto accidents and a severe concussion breaking her temporal bone and inner ear, all within a three year period.

Jill Hendrickson

Journalist, writer, college professor

I wanted to tell you that, because of your Continuing Education (CEU) classes in Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation and Body Sculpting, I have been doing a bit more cosmetic treatments and getting really great results and have a few very satisfied clients/patients.  I really feel so happy that I took your classes. I learned so much!  Thank you!

Angela Huber


I have truly benefited from your wisdom and expertise in all areas of health and wellness as we coach together. I am blown away by your knowledge of what’s good for us and what’s downright toxic, and how to navigate the confusing labels and everything else. It has been such a gift connecting with you and your pictures and site are ON POINT! So many congrats for this big reveal. I’m so excited for you and all of the clients who will be able to work with you.

Jenev Caddell


Pamela Maloney combines an outstanding academic background in anatomy, kinesiology, and movement education with her many skills from the newer energy healing techniques.

“I want you to hear this, I don’t read books! I read your book cover to cover. We have a lot in common…”

Valerie Hunt

, UCLA Professor Emeritus, Scientist-Researcher

Pam has contributed a great deal to the UCLA Pain Control Unit as an acupuncture assistant. Pam relates well to the patients and has a good feeling for the way in which people, especially those in pain, need to be touched. She is well informed and knowledgeable in the fields of kinesiology and anatomy, she is well liked by the staff members, and has done a wonderful job.

Michael Volen

MD, UCLA Clinic Medical Director

I am glad to recommend Pam because of her intelligence, her willingness to independently seek out information and take the time to master it, her warmth and compassion in dealing with others, and her openness and honesty with respect to herself and to others. I sincerely feel that Pam would be a great asset to any staff.

Sally Sevey Fitt

PhD, UCLA Professor

Dr. Pam Maloney would be a terrific asset if she only had one of two skills—a thorough knowledge of the human body or an intuitive sense of how to help with pain. Instead, she combines them both and is thus an incredible resource for healing and health. I began to utilize her skills when I was dealing with back pain and now see her regularly because she senses problems before they occur. I recommend her without reservation.

Bill Mechanic

Film producer

Dr. Pamela it is my great pleasure to give testimony of the treatment that I have received from you. I had an operation on the 5th thoracic vertebra of the spine and could not walk at all when I received my first treatment from you. I was in a wheelchair and could not move my legs or feet. Then, after 3 treatments I could walk with a walker, and now I am able to climb some stairs. Thank you, Dr. Pamela.

Angel de Leon

Business owner

Pam is the synthesis of compassion, kindness, knowledge, respect, and practicality. When in her care, the body intuitively responds on another level of consciousness. My body was under daily physical stress as a professional dancer and Pam was able to treat muscles with a fluid and gentle, but penetrating touch. Her expertise is truly rare.

Kim Sagami

Former Joffrey Ballet dancer, teacher, and architect

I really appreciate the heartfelt generosity you’ve extended to me and do know that when you’re able to fulfill your vision of being able to do this for many others… the world will truly be a better place. Feeling well is so vital to making good choices and creating the world we want… Your treatments were the catalysts for me to move forward… So, thank you for all the time you’ve devoted to your education as a healer and the money you’ve indebted yourself with to make that happen.

Josephine Roth


Pam is thoughtful, generous, and creative in her giving, to her clients, to her friends and to her community. She responds to challenges with amazing resourcefulness. Through innovation and teaching, she has made a significant contribution to the professional fields of health, and is a gifted healer. Pamela Maloney is one of those committed professionals who are gradually increasing public awareness and understanding of alternative and natural approaches to achieving and maintaining health. She will be a continually greater contributor in that field.

Joyce Combs Abrams


Dr. Pam helped me to recover from a serious accident by using a combination of acupuncture and custom herbal Chinese medicines to speed my healing process. My “traditional” doctors were amazed at the rate of recovery – which was twice as fast as any other patient following this type of surgery. I am truly blessed to have Dr. Pam in my life! Her combination of education, training and intuitive healing gifts are unbeatable.

Tamara J. Scott

Forensic Medium

Pam combines leadership and healing capabilities with a thirst for personal understanding and professional expansion. It is a powerful combination.

Harold Stone

PhD, Psychologist

Thank you for being so generous and open with your knowledge. I really appreciate the loving kindness that you showed as a supervisor in the clinic and all of the support you gave me to practice what I have learned on patients.

Lacey Sanders


You were my supervisor for a semester at Yo San University and I never forgot how accessible and doable you made the medicine seem at a time when the details and insecurity were overwhelming.

Viveka Rucker


Dr. Maloney has a brilliant mind and her touch is wise and deep. She is a true Healer. Do you understand that I mean a TRUE HEALER? You will always get much more than you pay for with her, guaranteed.

Herta Hirshfield


Dr. Maloney’s keen dedication, commitment to the healing arts, and her diligent practice has resulted in a refinement not found often on the face of the earth.

Angela Treat Lyon

Sculpture and animation artist

Who would have thought that the ancient practice of Acupuncture could also be used as a minor facelift? The stimulating effects of the needles on the face, neck and jaw have made a noticeable difference. Thanks Dr. P!

Judith Chapman

Principal Actress
, “The Young and The Restless”

Pam, you are adorably weird!
 Your treatment is soooo relaxing…… it feels like sinking and floating at the same time…… if that makes any sense!

Megan Mae Maloney

9 years old

Your touch is masterful!

Paul Anka

Singer and songwriter